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Concrete and cement are a fundamental part of society. They are in everything we build. We recognize the importance of making this crucial material as safe and green as possible, which is why our company has joined the Net-Zero Pledge with science-based targets. Our organization looks at every possible way to decrease our carbon footprint and improve the world we live in. Whether it’s advancing carbon capture technology at our plants, or harnessing renewable energy and alternative fuels, we are committed to protecting our employees, our communities and the environment.


Circular Economy & Zero-Waste Future

Holcim is fully committed to leading the transition of the built environment—the structures, features, and facilities in which people live and work— to become focused on emitting less carbon and using more recyclable and recycled materials. In our 2050 vision, construction will be decarbonized and become fully circular, meaning Holcim plants will maximize the lifecycle of materials, such as the reuse of scrap tires, which reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. Over the next few years, our company anticipates using alternative fuels to replace 40 to 50 percent of fossil fuels that are currently used in our cement kilns across the United States. While this is an ambitious goal, we strive to minimize our footprint and mitigate the impact of developing the world around us.


Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF)

To keep our company-wide commitment to creating a circular economy and zero-waste future, several of our plants have applied for a permit to use tire-derived fuel (TDF). 

TDF is an alternative energy source made from scrap tires and serves as an alternative to fossil fuels, such as oil or coal, currently used in cement kilns. The process of developing TDF starts with diverting scrap tires from landfills through approved tire collection programs, which helps prevent the buildup of scrap tire piles that can easily catch fire and generate toxic smoke and contaminated ground-water runoff. To put it simply, TDF converts old, unusable tires into useful energy as a green environmental method being practiced in many countries world-wide to combat unnecessary landfilling. This process also significantly reduces greenhouse emissions.

Throughout the past 15 years, Holcim has saved more than 100 million tires from landfills by using them as TDF at plants worldwide. The use of this alternative fuel is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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